If you think this is a blog of my confessions about Bertie Gilbert, you are SORT OF right!

Because it's not just MY confessions about him, YOUR confessions could be part of this blog, too.

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Hi, everyone! I’m gonna have to be on a short hiatus for a while because I have to get ready since school starts in a week. :c 

but don’t worry, I’m making confessions, I just can’t post for a while.

Thanks! xx 

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no one’s dropping in confessions

ok that’s sad

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drop some confessions if you want me to make some! ;) 

news flash: bertie can’t stand connor maynard LOL

well me too, sorta, im not sure. it’s just that i agree with bertie; when the music industry turns good youtube artists into.. something like that. but im sure that’s just a bit of a stumble for connor.


wondering what bertie would think if he saw this blog and all our confessions. omg what if he hates me, i will so delete this blog D: 

Confession by alllons-y

Confession by alllons-y

i agree, but i actually ship them either way, haha! xx

i agree, but i actually ship them either way, haha! xx

okay im not deleting. 

some people said that i shouldn’t delete, so i won’t. :’) And some confessions came in and i won’t let them rot.

i have my own laptop now, so no excuse for not making confessions

asdflaskljfansjdkfn thank you for supporting. xx

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I was thinking maybe I should delete this blog.  

Because I’m not really active :( I wasn’t even posting on Bertie’s birthday, but believe me I still love Bertie.

Do you guys think I should delete this blog? I’m gonna give it a few days to think it over.

If I do delete this blog, I might just come back when I’m more ready. ~